What we do

Through investing in technology, skills development and empowerment of the local community, we aim to provide high quality products to every household in the Region of African Great Lakes with the ambition of becoming a trusted brand in every home.


TAL employees at work

Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability and Community Empowerment

Everyone who works for TAL is, in essence, the key to the success of our business. Investing in education and training of our workforce enhances the quality of our products and empowers each employee personally.



TAL is committed to feeding the African Great Lakes Region in a responsible way, improving the communities and reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

TAL believes in giving back to the community in whatever way it can. The Company is very active in fulfilling its responsibility towards the society by contributing to the causes relating to the people at large. We train and coach farmers associations to improve the quality of farming and to better manage their structures. We also help them to improve their leadership and connect them with professional partners with the aim of improving their production systems.

In order to contribute to the climate adaptation and planet protection, we have connected some of the local farmers to european NGOs specialized in biomass so that they can train and guide them towards the transformation of the agricultural waste into renewable energy. Such projects represent high value for TAL.

TAL creates sustainable and quality jobs for the population. When we offer fair prices to the farmers for their harvest, we ensure them to feed their families and pay school fees for their children. Community development is very important in our vision.